Google: An enormous source for quality app users

If you are looking to acquire mobile users at a large scale, look no further. With over 300,000 apps and an estimated 100+ billion monthly ad impressions, the Google display network for apps is one of the largest, non-incentivized mobile user acquisition sources available today. But even for the most experienced user acquisition professional, Google campaigns can be difficult to optimize and often do not yield the desired results. In fact, many of our clients have run their own Google campaigns before coming to GET IT for their Google user acquisition needs. If you have tried to acquire mobile app users on Google before but did not like the results, give GET IT a try.

We understand mobile UA on Google better than anyone

Many mobile app media buying agencies sell app installs sourced from a broad and sometimes murky spectrum of traffic sources. GET IT is taking a different approach. We are entirely focused on driving highly effective mobile user acquisition campaigns on the Google network. Our unique blend of technology paired with deep knowledge of the Google platform has made us the exclusive Google user acquisition provider for some of the world’s most successful app publishers.

We use sophisticated technology to optimize ROI

GET IT is a technology company at heart. Our automated, high frequency iterative ROI evaluation system allows on-the-fly bid optimization at a per-app level throughout the entire Google network. We are able to achieve the best possible CPI and ROI for our partners even as market conditions change. Moreover, our platform has the ability to adjust bids based on real-time LTV (lifetime value) feedback markers. This enables us to set variable CPI targets for our clients’ apps so they can outbid competitors for the highest-value traffic sources as long as the resulting ROI stays positive.

We deliver install volume and velocity

We know that user acquisition goals change over time. Whether you are planning a burst campaign for your app launch or simply trying to maintain a consistent acquisition volume of quality users, we have been there and done that. We drive anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands of app installs daily for our clients. Given the right campaign conditions, the mobile user acquisition potential within the vast Google network is almost without limit.

How to work with us

The last four paragraphs were all about us but rest assured, our business is all about you. From our clients’ perspective, GET IT is a trusted partner who maintains a tight grip on the ever-evolving Google auction platform. While Google optimizes its platform for Google, our system is designed to optimize each and every bid for our clients. We help you translate your campaign goals into CPI ranges and volume estimates. After launch, a highly skilled GET IT user acquisition specialist manages every campaign so you can focus on growing your business instead of fluctuating bid prices on the Google network. Contact our sales team today for a free consultation.