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Aligning Mobile Ad Buying with your Success Metrics

As the largest app-install provider on the Google Ad Network, Get It Mobile, Inc. has become the premier programmatic mobile ad buying agency by offering high-volume user-acquisition and engagement campaigns to the leading app publishers and brands. GET IT’s proprietary technology stack offers a uniquely transparent, closed-loop, ROI-driven approach to buying quality media. GET IT’s managed service is designed to be fully aligned with the business objectives of our clients. Our team and technology offer unparalleled expertise in delivering high-value users at a global scale.

An ROI-driven Approach to Buying Quality Media

Prior to the GET IT Mobile approach, app marketers were faced with opaque choices for mobile ad buying. Whether working through agencies, DSPs or ad networks, most providers offer a “black box” approach to ad buying, where inventory is offered on a CPI basis across the entire network. As a result, what seem to be reasonable CPIs are most often coupled with less-than-impressive inventory.

In contrast, GET IT aligns with your business model by offering a transparent, closed-loop, ROI-driven approach to buying quality media. Instead of measuring on CPI, GET IT’s predictive bidding system is based on direct client-data integration, including specific lifetime-value (LTV) and return-on-investment (ROI) calculations. GET IT’s platform analyzes ad network inventory as millions of media segments, calculating the value and future potential of each ad segment. We measure the potential return of the traffic sources, and bid on the inventory most likely to drive high-value installs.

Our approach also minimizes exposure to underperforming inventory and potential fraud, as our system automatically shuts off sources that do not yield targeted results. The result is a predictable ad-buying system that helps you plan investments toward an overall contribution margin.

Tracking the Trackers to Optimize Round-Trip Results

What many of the other mobile ad-buying agencies and demand-side platforms won’t tell you is how difficult it is to get a complete account of which ad resulted in which app download. GET IT works hand-in-hand with the ad networks and attribution trackers to qualify app downloads. Our approach is simple—first-hand tracking. GET IT’s closed-loop model tracks every click, and with customers’ data, tracks every download—then we match transactions. From our source, we compare to third-party attribution trackers, and consolidate. This painstaking process not only ensures value for your dollar, but enables us to fully optimize the results.

The Ad-Buying System You’d Build for Yourself

GET IT’s scalable cloud-based system consolidates campaign data and your performance metrics into a “Single Source of Truth” database, accessible only by your company and our campaign support team. The buying system effectively extends your in-house technology, empowering you with the business intelligence you need everyday.

Our system is 100% transparent to each of our clients, so at any point, you can monitor the entire mobile ad campaign, inspect performance in real time, monitor ad bids on any network, and even review tracking line items from ad clicks to installation. This GET IT approach ensures your team will focus on overall user lifetime value rather than individual ad purchases.

An Unlimited Sales Channel of High-Quality Inventory

GET IT’s approach fulfills the potential of mobile advertising by offering a proven, predictable, and profitable user-acquisition platform. GET IT offers high-quality inventory across Google’s Ad Networks, Twitter’s MoPub, and Apple’s iAd platforms, effectively serving as a seamless and unlimited sales channel to grow your business.

GET IT's proprietary bidding engine analyzes each ad segment and targets those with known high-value users.

Serving Today’s Largest Mobile Ad Buyers

For over two years, we’ve achieved unparalleled results for some of the most demanding customers in the business, and our team is ready to activate your ad-buying system quickly. Our system is adaptable and easily responds to the rapidly changing marketplace and ecosystem. Twenty-four hours a day, everyday, GET IT maximizes return on investment and increases user engagement for the top players in the market. GET IT’s transparent, ROI-driven approach is designed to seamlessly extend your business model.