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Aligning Mobile Ad Buying
with your Success Metrics

GET IT drives high-value user acquisition and engagement campaigns for the world’s most sophisticated mobile app publishers and brands. Our proprietary buy-side technology offers a uniquely transparent and data driven approach to buying quality mobile media based on our clients’ specific success metrics. Our system programmatically optimizes bids in real time to drive budget toward higher value traffic and automatically turns off underperforming media. GET IT exposes all the data our machine-learning algorithms use to make buying decisions. GET IT provides powerful tools and reporting to afford you complete flexibility to analyze your media spend on your own terms. No one else shares the line-item-level data that gives you full visibility and control over where your budget is spent.

Buying Media Based
on Value, Not Cost

Most agencies and DSP’s offer a “black box” approach where inventory is sold on a CPI or eCPI basis across an entire network. When analyzing results, advertisers often realize that low CPIs rarely produce any measurable returns. In contrast, the GET IT system is based on direct client-data integration, including per-user lifetime-value (LTV) projections and return-on-investment (ROI) calculations that value media on its actual return for the advertiser instead of simply its cost. GET IT measures the potential revenue per media (RPM) of each traffic source, and bids on the inventory most likely to drive high-value returns. Our approach also minimizes exposure to underperforming inventory and potential fraud, as our system automatically shuts off sources that do not yield targeted results.

The Ad-Buying System
You’d Build for Yourself

GET IT’s scalable cloud-based system consolidates campaign data and your performance metrics into our “Single Source of Truth” database, accessible only by your company and the GET IT campaign support team. Our buying system effectively extends your in-house technology, empowering you with the business intelligence you need everyday. Our approach is 100% transparent. You can monitor all aspects of your mobile ad campaign, inspect performance in real time, monitor ad bids on any network, and even review performance line items from ad clicks to installation. This approach allows your team to focus on the more important metric of optimizing overall margin targets rather than individual ad purchases.

Protecting Consumer
Privacy and Your Brand

We all care about our privacy online and especially on mobile. GET IT’s system is designed with both brand protection and user privacy in mind. We don’t target users based on questionable data and we never mine IDs to retarget competitive ads. Unlike other ad buying systems, GET IT targets based on the future monetization potential of segmented ad inventory instead of individual user profiles. Our unique approach is compliant with U.S. and international privacy laws and all self-regulatory standards.

Focus on

GET IT’s approach fulfills the potential of mobile advertising by offering a proven, predictable, and profitable user-acquisition system. GET IT provides access to high-quality inventory on some of the world’s largest ad networks including Google’s Ad Networks, Twitter’s MoPub, and Apple’s iAd platforms. GET IT offers you a seamless, unlimited sales channel that will help grow your business.

GET IT’s proprietary bidding engine analyzes each ad segment and targets those with known high-value users.

Serving Today’s
Largest Mobile
Ad Buyers

GET IT is the leading mobile programmatic agency. For over two years we have been the largest app install provider on the Google Ad Network and we have achieved unparalleled results for some of the most demanding clients in the business. Our technology stack is an automated learning machine that responds rapidly to changes in this highly volatile marketplace. Twenty four hours a day, everyday, GET IT maximizes return on investment and increases user engagement for the top players in the market. Find out how GET IT can help your business achieve your user acquisition and engagement goals with unmatched scale and transparency.